Taking it all in!

Toki FE Overhead is great way to take it all in!  This photo made the media news story!


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A Wonderful Day @ Newport Aquarium

A small gallery from the Aquarium with the 100L Macro

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103 Stories – Highest Building in Western Hemisphere!

2 Views From Highest Building in Western Hemisphere!

Click Link Above, and once in the software, use the stretch tool in lower right hand corner to see the full views of the photographs.  The software works well with ipad and you can use touch screen to advance and go back.

Wow, all I can say is in the excitement of the moments, I had to use my head to finally get these.  I figured out quickly that flash doesn’t cut it on reflection and glass enclosures.  I missed a whole bunch of shots in the first 10 minutes due to slower shutter speeds that wouldn’t work when handholding, but then I settled down and it came to me, I needed to go even higher iso, no flash, and use the 4 stop Image Stabilization, ss 1/6 at FF equivalent of 24 mm and f3.5 to get deep enough dof and get the shot in low light iso3200 handheld using the 4 stop IS.  Then on the family shot, the adults are steady, but the child is constantly moving – ouch– so needed to get the ss up to 1/25 to stop the child on that one, while iso 6400, F3.5 for deep dof at FF equivalent of 24 mm.  These were both photographed with my canon 60d and new 15-85 4 stop Image Stabilization lens.

Breathtaking view from 103 floors up of the Willis Tower .  Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere.  Wow!!!  Only two other buildings in the eastern hemisphere higher than this one — Taipei 101 ranked officially as the world’s tallest from 2004 until the opening of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2010.

Willis Tower is a Western Hemisphere global icon and fabulous landmark for sure.  Worth the visit if you are in Chicago.  Nighttime is my favorite for this experience.  With some good camera equipment, keep your head about you to get the shots.  :) I took a hundred or so throw-aways until it finally dawned on me what to do with my gear ;)  Hope you enjoyed the photos!





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Welcome to dPics.us!

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