CONSTRUCTION HISTORY:  The Home was built in 1982 by Beasley Homes. The current owners purchased the home one year later, in 1983, for $64,900 when the original owner moved back to the East Coast.  Beasley Homes merged and became Dominion Homes in 1984.  

1990 ROOM ADDITION:  The  Owners invested about $20,000 to build the Den along with the Screened-in Porch – Room Additions in 1990 – that also connected to a deck.  The County Sketch Diagram below shows the Den at approx. 12 ft x 13 ft (appears to be outside dimensions) and the Screened-In Porch to be approx. 12 ft. x 12 ft.

RECENT UPDATES:  In recent years, as described on the Updates Galore Page, over $60,000 of improvements  have been  made to update the home since 2007.  

2 CAR GARAGE  drywall throughout.   Internal Dimensions – Approx. 21 foot 8 inches wide by Approx. 20 foot deep.   Note:  on new builds garages might only have 19 feet 4 inches on each dimension for each car and the builder might charge the buyer ~ $2,000 for a 2 foot garage extension for their lawn mowers and bikes because the builders won’t let new home buyers have a shed  with their HOA’s –  just happened to us with our new build.   Also new home builders will charge for dry walling remainder of garage where there are only outside walls – also just happened to us – ie, cost us ~$700+ to complete the drywall on our new build.

KEY-LESS ENTRY – shown below

GARAGE DOORS – The original wood garage doors were replaced years ago with GRAF & SONS DOORS (APPEARS TO BE VINYL)


BRICK FRONTBrick fronts on new builds can be $3000 +


THIS HOME HAS FULL BASEMENT (not pictured at this time since the owners are gathering boxes of our stuff in the basement for moving). The full basement was an extra option at that time in 1982 when the home was built, and the extra basement was the section under the family room.  The Main Body of the home is built over the standard basement.  The Den was built later with utility crawl space.  Full Basement Options for new builds, over and above Standard Basements, can cost ~$5,000 ~$9,000 these days, as the owners have directly experienced with their new build.

FRONT PORCH COVERED BY ROOF:  The County shows measurements of 8 x 9 ft in their sketch diagram, the owner measured approximately 7 x 9 ft  for the concrete.

WOOD DECK:  Was built in 2007 with treated wood.  The County Sketch Diagram shows the Wood Deck (WDDK) at  12 x 16 ft. which matches the owner’s approximate measurements.


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